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Percolation – The “Perc Test”

Percolation test (or "Perc Test"): As discussed in our article about septic systems, outer-lying rural White Mountains Land isn't connected to a municipal sewer system. So septic tanks have to be installed to handle waste-water and "other stuff".

Absolutely critical to a standard septic tanks functioning is the ability of the ground to absorb water, or for the water to "percolate" through the ground. There is some White Mountains land that can't support a standard septic system, and in that case one of several "alternative" septic systems will be needed. Generally, an alternative septic system will be more expensive than a standard one. So, when you hear that land “didn’t perc”, all is not lost!

There is a septic system for nearly all types of land-- and a perc test will help determine what type of septic system is needed. During the inspection period, you should ascertain exactly where you will place your dwelling. Since topography can vary on many parcels of land, it is important to be able to perform a perc test in that area the dwelling will occupy. If not, you may have a “passed perc” on the parcel, but it may not perc in another area, and your plans for the dwelling beautifully situated among the trees may be disappointed.

The perc test will determine just how many people can use the dwelling. This is typically a certification for a number of bedrooms—which indicates how many people the septic system can handle—how much useage.

The perc test is conducted in two parts: the “dig” (digging the perc test holes), and the certification (how many bedrooms). It is important to know how many persons you expect will occupy your dwelling, i.e., that you will need the parcel to perc for a set number of bedrooms. Just because a parcel “percs” doesn’t mean the septic system can handle a very large family.

Perc test on vacant land are important. Your Realtor should be able to guide you in understanding just how important this inspection is.