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Buying New Construction

Thinking about buying new construction in a new subdivision? It's a great idea, but use some caution. It all looks so easy, and sometimes that perception can bring trouble down the road. Remember, you dont have to go it alone with the selling agent in the lovely model home. Get your own Realtor! Here's why:

  1. Use Your Own Realtor When Buying New Construction.
    It's a common misconception that you can save money by not using the services of a good Realtor when buying new construction. Not true. Many new home builders run the whole showoffering attractive incentive programs if you agree in writing to use their lender, title company, etc. Your own Realtor will help you through the transaction and protect your interests fully. Knowing that you have your own representation really puts a home builder on notice to watch his ps&qs.

  2. Get Everything in Line Before You Commit
    Dont be carried away by the process, ignore any attempts to encourage you to sign on the dotted line because other buyers are lined up around the block to buy a new home in the new development. Do NOT accept oral promises, or assurances that everything will be taken care of. Whatever you are told you will get must be written into the contract. Do NOT agree to anything based on assurances that the builder ALWAYS does something this way or that. Sure youre excited, and the model home looks breathtaking, but dont let your excitement override good judgment. This is a business transaction.

  3. Get The Home Inspected
    Many new construction homes buyers forget about a home inspection. Most new homes come with a one year warranty that includes everythingso whats the problem? The problem is that there are any number of problems that may not come to light during those twelve months. Major construction flaws/possible substandard construction or under code problems may exist. Get your own licensed inspector to crawl all over the home thoroughly. Youll be glad you did even if your inspector finds no flawsyoull have terrific peace of mind, and a lot of pride, too, that an independent party gave your new home a gold star.

  4. Don't Necessarily Agree to Use Their Lender
    Theres a whole lot of money to be made by many parties in a new construction home, especially on the financing end. Many new home sales associates will tell you that you can ONLY USE their approved lender. Nice try! Remember, the bottom line is that the builder wants to sell you the home. Refusing to use their lender most probably wont cost you the deal. You just have to be firm. Think about it: Why would they be pushing their own lender AND balancing that with sometimes gigantic incentives? Because they like you and want to give you a gift? Remember, this is business, and business is money. Most probably you will end up paying much more for that loan in higher rates and closing costs. No one gets something for nothing! Get your own lender. If, in the rare instance the builder insists that you use his lender, walk away. Its a red flag that tells you that you most probably will end up paying thousands more for the home than you should have.

  5. Check Out the Builder
    Hopefully most builders and developers are good. Ask your Realtor, and ask other folks. See what other work theyve done, other developments or little subdivisions, and stop by and talk to owners. Check out the State information on the builder for problems. Search the local newspapers archives for mention of the company name or the principals names.