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A For Sale Sign Is Not an Invitation to Trespass!

One of the important rationales behind a seller hiring a broker to represent him: To place a “buffer” between the seller and prospective buyers. To control prospective buyer visits to the property; when buyers visit the property, to make sure that buyers are BUYERS, and no one else, and to ensure that buyers are accompanied by a licensed real estate agent who knows WHO they are, whether they’re qualified buyers. The bottom line is, the seller wants buyers to be accompanied by a licensed agent.
Some buyers like to get a list of homes for sale and do “drive-bys”. It’s not a too terribly bad idea—gives buyers an idea of the neighborhood, the area, and first-impression of a home for sale. They may get addresses from agents, they may scrape them from online listing sites. They may simply take a day and drive around looking at homes with for sale signs. If they like a few homes, they may make notes to call the listing agents, or call an agent of their own. So far, so good.

But when buyers get out of the car and tippy-toe up the porch steps, press their faces to the windows, and walk about the property, that’s not good. It’s trespassing. And it can be dangerous. Not only in rural areas such as the White Mountains of Arizona where, many homes are vacation/second homes with absentee owners, or rural properties where people can be skittish, but anywhere at all. The fact that there’s a for sale sign on the front lawn is not an invitation to buyers to take a look around on their own. The fact that it looks either vacant or no one is home is no excuse. It’s still trespassing, and it’s still vastly dangerous, and it’s illegal. In one instance (there may be more), an interested buyer entered the privacy-fenced backyard of a property with a For Sale sign where the little children were playing. The mother, alarmed, screamed and called the police. The buyer was arrested. Certainly he was questioned carefully about sneaking up on children.

The extreme of this behavior are that some buyers, in DYI mode, will knock on the door of a home that appeals to them, engage the seller, ask to see the home, thinking it’s a great idea to “get to know” the seller, and let the seller “get to know” them. A singularly bad idea. The seller has hired an agent to act as a buffer between him and roving buyers! That’s what the brokerage sign on the property announces. MOST sellers will not let strangers into their homes. And for buyers, how do they know WHO the person that answers the door really is, or how he’s “feeling” that particular day when he lets you in and closes the door? Ever hear of “squatters”?

The super-duper extreme of this DIY behavior are buyers who engaged the seller, talked with him for hours, believe they have a deal, truly believe they know “everything” about the property, the seller’s situation, and undertake to buy based on the conversation and a look-around. Ninety percent of these “deals” become twisted train wrecks very quickly.

Visiting properties with an agent you know and like is the best and safest thing to do. Even if you don’t exactly KNOW that agent, seeing properties with that agent will let you know real quick whether s/he’s the one for you. You can preview homes, and preview an agent at the same time!