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Big Online Real Estate Listings Websites –
Are You Seeing Everything?

The answer is: No. You’re not seeing all the listings you should see, you’re seeing the listings the online real estate website has been PAID for you to see.

Most MLS services “syndicate” all their listings (for which service agent/broker members pay) to many online real estate websites. Tru, Zil, Realtor, and many others. However, what happens then kind of defeats the purpose of having ALL area listings appear in many different venues. The Big Three as mentioned above, solicit paid subscriptions from area agents/brokers to have their listings “featured” in an area search. This is how these websites make money!

In a search for Show Low AZ real estate, or Pinetop AZ real estate, or Lakeside AZ real estate, the first several pages of results are “featured” results. “Featured” means that the agent has paid to have that listing featured. Agents that pay to have their listings featured are not bad people—but the result is that real estate consumers are limited to seeing just those featured properties. Real estate consumers may not realize this (most do not), and so, they are not seeing the full range of properties available for sale at these big online real estate websites. Not particularly fair to them. The perfect property for them, or one they would like to follow up on is buried somewhere.

Another cautionary note is that these websites make use of “cookies” and other semi-invasive utilities that allow them to serve up advertising content to website visitors. Possibly you’ve done a search for some type of product or service recently and when you go to a another totally unrelated website you see advertisements for the exact same products/services! They’re peeking into your previous searches. They can’t be blamed for developing another advertising revenue stream, but…

Another huge problem with these online real estate listing services is that properties that are withdrawn, sold, expired, under contract, etc., continue to show up like zombies. They’re hard to kill. That’s extremely frustrating for real estate consumers.

The only un-filtered, un-fussed with, up-to-date and complete area MLS listings are found on agent websites. And yes, agents pay for that service from their MLS and from a 3rd-party vendor. It’s not free. But, it’s an honest and true, up-to-date compilation of EVERYTHING available for sale.

Our MLS search White Mountains AZ Real Estate MLS SEARCH will show you every property available according to your preferences. No ads, no cookies-- just White Mountains AZ property listings. We encourage you to use it!